Colorado receives 122,490 N95 masks, additional resources from National Stockpile

Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 1:28 PM MDT
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The takeaway message from state leaders is everyone should wear a mask. Governor Polis is asking Coloradans to wear face coverings when out in public. He emphasizes they should be non-medical facemasks, not PPE masks used by medical professionals. Thick material like t-shirts and scarves can be used.

“It’s about making it cool so others do it. So get out those old t-shirts, that shirt that shrunk you never thought you’d use and get creative about making a mask. Cover your mouth, cover your nose and make sure you can breathe” said Governor Polis.

The governor also talked about the federal stimulus checks many Coloradans will get in their bank accounts this month.

“If you're accepting this money from the federal government you are accepting with your honor intact, that you will do the right thing, you are getting payment to stay home. You are cheating the federal government and cheating the rest of us if you are pocketing that money and going out and socializing and hanging out with other people” said Governor Polis.

The governor also talking about changes his office has made to help businesses cope with the economic challenges of the pandemic. This includes a 30-day extension for businesses to file their state and local sales taxes and interest payments for property taxes are being waived for 30 days.

You can go to to learn more about what you should be doing to protect yourself.

The Colorado State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment are in the process of distributing thousands of critical resources across the state that it received from the Strategic National Stockpile.

This is the third allotment of resources from the stockpile thus far.

This allotment includes:

-122,490 N95 masks

-287,022 surgical masks

-56,160 face shields

-57,300 surgical gowns

-392,000 gloves

-3,636 coveralls

In total, Colorado has received the following from the Strategic National Stockpile

-220,010 N95 masks

-517,000 surgical masks

-100,232 face shields

-100,140 surgical gowns

-504,000 gloves

-3,816 coveralls

The state says that all counties and tribes in the state will receive supplies, and are working on coordinating deliveries currently.

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