Cougar unwelcome visitor in Grand Junction neighborhood

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- It's a sight you're probably not used to seeing, but one Grand Junction man had a front row seat.

Ken Redding took his dogs outside to play Frisbee Sunday morning. It's what his dogs love to do. But, as they started playing, he saw something that didn't quite fit in his Aspen tree.

“I looked up and I saw this kind of big mass up in the tree and I thought it was a plastic bag or something," said Redding.

It would've been one big plastic bag.

"Until I saw the tail swing, and then I knew,” said Redding.

A mountain lion made it's way up his tree after, more than likely, being scared off by his neighbor's dogs. He ran to grab his camera and put his dogs away.

"He was pretty high," said Redding. "He was probably two-thirds of the way (up the tree)."

Neighbors came over to watch.

“It was such a little thing though," said Courtney Kahl, a neighbor. "I think he just didn’t know quite what he was doing, and I don’t know if our dogs scared him up there.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife came and tranquilized the animal in the tree.

“He got him in the fanny,” said Redding.

Then CPW pushed the lion out of the tree and onto a tarp. The lion was then transported outside of the county into more habitable territory for a young cougar.

“So, now he’s in the witness protection program,” said Redding.

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