Crews work to fix washed out dirt road at base of Collbran landslide

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COLLBRAN, Colo. -- Collbran residents remained on standby for evacuation and crews cleaned up the flooded roadways on Saturday after flooding increased in the area of the 2014 West Salt Creek landslide.

Crews have closely monitored the slide site for the past two years, ever since the massive landslide first occurred.

A sag pond that formed at the top of the slide area began releasing water early Friday morning, raising concerns of another potential slide or more flooding. On Saturday, the Sheriff’s Office said not much changed. The affected area continues to be at response level two.

About 12 officials worked to put culverts in the West Salt Creek dirt road, which was washed out when the pond released water.

Crews said it's only a temporary fix to ensure four to five households near the landslide area can evacuate if necessary. The workers at the base of slide near the washed out area were taking extra precautions.

“We have one spotter who is keeping an eye on the slide for us in case something does happen, so we have our backs watched,” said Rudy Bevan, road supervisor of Mesa County Public Works. “When you’re putting a culvert in four foot deep rushing water, it does make it a little hazardous,”

The residents in the homes behind the washed out road can leave via four wheelers, however the county hopes their efforts will provide one lane access by Saturday night.

Officials said the water is running at a slower rate but more rain in the forecast is a little worrisome.

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