Crime Stoppers recognized by Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Mesa County Crime Stoppers is more than your typical neighborhood watch. The community helps local authorities arrest criminals using Crime Stoppers, an anonymous tip line.

Their mission is clear, solve crime and catch the bad guys.

Now in 2016, Mesa County will join the rest, as National Crime Stoppers Month is recognized.

"We've cleared a lot of cases, which is helping keep crime off our streets," said Mesa County Crime Stoppers board member Leigh Fitch.

Since 1983, tips made to the county’s Crime Stoppers has led to more than 1,700 arrests and recovered over $9 million in property and drugs, all thanks to a community effort.

Those who have sent tips have been awarded a combined $266,040, but not all tipsters are in it for the reward.

"When I’m answering the phone calls a lot of people say ‘I’m not interested in the money, I just want to do the right thing,’" said Crime Stopper Program Coordinator, Officer David Keech.

Hoping others want to do the right thing, the plan is to increase the non-profit's presence by improving the way the way you identify the criminal, using photos and video of the crime.

"Whenever we're able to post images of suspects or their vehicles or the actual crime they have committed, it has actually increased participation among the community," said Fitch.

If you do send in a tip, Crime Stoppers knows keeping you anonymous is key.

"I don’t know who it is that's calling-in and none of the information in the tip helps identify who the people are and that's the way it stays,” said Keech.

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