El Paso shooting widower receives new car after old one stolen following wife’s funeral

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM/CNN) - Employees at a Ford dealership pushed to replace the SUV of a widower, who lost his wife in the El Paso mass shooting, after it was reportedly stolen and wrecked the day after hundreds attended his wife’s funeral.

Casa Ford Dealership replaced Antonio Basco’s SUV with one that’s the same color as the original he shared with his late wife, Margie Reckard. (Source: KTSM/CNN)

Just one day after the funeral for Margie Reckard, one of the 22 victims of the El Paso mass shooting, someone reportedly stole her widower’s SUV.

But the kindness of the community meant Antonio Basco, who invited the world to his wife’s funeral, was not worried for long.

Casa Ford Dealership stepped up to replace Basco’s SUV with one that’s the same color as the original he shared with his wife. Basco also received a trailer from Desert Haven Trailers and an installed hitch.

“He’s obviously still very torn up because of the tragedy that occurred, so he’s extremely grateful. Honestly, from my perspective, [he’s] a humble man who doesn’t want a lot of attention and he’s received a lot, so we just want to offer this," said Ronnie Lowenfield, co-owner of the dealership.

The original SUV sustained damage to its windshield, hood and roof after it was reportedly stolen and wrecked, according to tow truck driver Eduardo Moreno with El Paso Towing. Moreno towed the vehicle back to Basco’s home for free, after recognizing his name from media coverage.

Basco told the towing company that a pressure washing machine, which had been inside a trailer parked next to the SUV, was also stolen, according to Moreno.

Basco and Reckard had been married for 22 years, and when he invited everyone to his wife’s funeral, the widower said he had no other family.

El Paso Police say they’re investigating the alleged crimes.

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