Daycare works to keep things clean amid virus spread

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 9:23 PM MST
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Cleaning, scrubbing and disinfecting every surface. It’s a habitual routine for Discovery Kids Daycare. But Owner, Kirk Huddleston, says they have been going the extra mile this week.

“Everything that is getting handled, not just in the mouth of a toddler, is getting washed daily,” says Huddleston, “The traditional way of cleaning is by wiping down hard surfaces. But that doesn’t combat outbreaks that are airborne, such as norovirus. So we’ve got to get a little bit tougher,”

With District 51 schools closed Thursday and Friday, it’s keeping everyone on high alert.

“When there’s something going around like the norovirus, we make sure we are cleaning extra, we’re fogging the classrooms with special sanitizer,” says staff member, Nancy Connell.

Washing sheets, blankets, even dress-up clothes. They say they are paying close attention to make sure that their disinfectant is strong enough.

“If your child is vomiting, you need to keep your child out of a program for a minimum of 24-48 hours symptom-free,” says Huddleston.

And they are keeping kids in the loop as well: “We’ve been talking a lot about how there’s a germ going around that makes people really sick. So we’re really enforcing the hand-washing and making sure that we’re being extra diligent with it,” says Connell.

Huddleston says the plan is to keep doors open, as the majority of kids are said to be healthy. The ones who are feeling sick are asked to stay home.

“What childcare centers can do is really focus on the cleaning techniques that they have to ensure that you can minimize the spread throughout your center,” says Huddleston.

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