Delta County Jail could take over public library

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 9:30 PM MDT
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The Delta County Sheriff says violent crime is on the rise. The Jail has hit capacity twice this year already and say they need more room. The City and County of Delta are coming up with a plan for a jail expansion, one that involves the public library.

As of now this is just an idea and isn't an official proposal but the county says this could be beneficial for both sides. The delta public library, has been struggling financially for a while. They’ve had trouble meeting their revenues each year and the library decided to approach the county with a deal.

Don Supess, Delta commissioner, says the building is beautiful, but it’s old. It’s tough to maintain, it’s tough to heat and cool and it needs some help.

Currently the Delta County Jail can hold 70 inmates. If the county acquired the library, capacity could almost double .

"This is something we’ve had to look at for quite a while and this may be just the way to get it done without building a whole new jail. If we have to build a whole new jail, we’re looking at 30-40 million dollars,” says Supess.

It would cost almost 2 million dollars to build a new library. The sheriffs office is currently renting a room for more space. The library would be an area for dispatch and admin offices.

A resident who didn’t want to go on camera who says she disagrees with the potential plan and doesn’t want her taxpayer dollars to go towards inmates. But others are on the fence.

"I don’t know if i’m exactly for the idea. I love our library and the history it has with it but there’s a lot of families that live around here. If one were to get out, i wouldn’t want them to go hurt someone,” says Delta Resident.

The county says if this plan were to be approved within the next six months, work would begin in 2021.

The Blake Field Airport is also another option.

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