Dentist delivers DNA designed dentures

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A local dentist has come up with a solution for uncomfortable and unnatural looking dentures.

He's using parts of ‘you’ to recreate the piece that's missing.

These dentures are getting to the root of who you are, that's because they're designed from your DNA.

"It just makes things easier, faster, and essentially more stable and more successful,” said Dentist and founder of DNA Dentures, Dr. Patrick Ford.

Ten years ago, Dr. Patrick Ford, came up with the idea creating an almost perfect fit to what your original teeth would have looked like.

"I saw a need for it, I saw a need for it in our own clinical practice,” said Ford.

A unique mouth deserves a unique fit.

"Setting it on the articulator and then trying it in the patient's mouth, it's almost dead on like they haven't lost their teeth,” said certified dental technician for Fun at the Dentist, Jessica Smith.

Helping everyone look their best.

"Everybody really wants a really beautiful denture, beautiful teeth. We are replacing body parts which were originally designed by the DNA, with the DNA, that makes sense,” said Ford.

They start off by taking a mold of your mouth, that mold is then sent over to the dental technician, who does the rest.

"When the denture goes out of here, my name goes on it, and so I want to make sure it's really nice,” said Ford.

Dr. Ford uses a combination of measurements, molds, and equations to help crack the DNA code to make the final dentures.

The best part, they are free to all his Medicaid patients.

"Yeah it’s remarkable, and it's a reward to me professionally and personally,” said Ford.

His goal, to make this a common practice in modern dentistry.

Dr. Ford will be finalizing his lab reports in two research papers which he plans on publishing soon.

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