Doing your taxes the old pen-and-paper way? Good luck finding forms

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- A lot of people will be looking to get their taxes done this weekend. But for those who want to do it the pen and paper way, you might run into some problems.

Many libraries and post offices offer free tax forms during the tax filing season. But in recent years the IRS has cut back on the number of those forms they send, since they say about 80 percent of people send their taxes electronically.

For people like Harry Hurd who does his own taxes, it's a problem because he can't find the forms and the handbook on how to do it at local places, and the IRS told him they don't have any of his needed materials readily available.

"I've done them the last two years and had no problems, at least according to the IRS, and I'm trying to do it again this year," Hurd said. "But I've run into a rock wall."

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