'DreamBox' program gives students more personalized learning

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 10:18 PM MDT
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Many young students are seeing success in the classroom and are having fun while doing it.

District 51 schools are using a computer program called DreamBox, a kindergarten through 5th grade Math tool. DreamBox is designed to go at the students own pace, making it more individualized for each learner. Teachers have the ability to track progress and can see if students are reaching their goals.

"The students are highly engaged when they use DreamBox. They can access all the tools they need on it. They are earning badges and points, just like they would get if they were playing their favorite video game at home, but all the while, it's a sneaky way for teachers to get in some extra math practice," says Special Education Teacher at Lincoln Orchard Mesa Elementary, Jennifer Osborn.

All elementary schools in District 51 have been using the program since 2015. The DreamBox technology has been proven by Harvard researchers as beneficial towards student achievement.