Dual-credit projects prepare students for the future

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Computer animation, culinary delights, and welding: they sound like three very separate subjects, but they do have something in common.

All those skills were part of the Western Colorado Community College Ultimate Spring Exhibition on Wednesday.

The program helps prepare students with skills they need to enter the workforce or further their education.

The students get college as well as high school credits for these projects.

The exhibition featured results from 8 different high school concentrations including video production, 3D printed objects, STEM discovery and CPR demonstrations from medical preparation.

“You've got to know it before you get out there, you've got to have some hands-on experience before you just get out in the field,” Austin Oliver, a senior in the program said.

“It looks really nice on paper," said Aryanna Kirfman, a junior in the program.

There were more than 50 area high school students involved in the exhibition.

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