Equifax adds step to claim cash in data breach settlement

Equifax is making customers affected by its huge data breach to take an extra step in order to claim a $125 cash settlement. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - Equifax is making it harder for you to get that $125 payout after its 2017 data breach. Now the company is requiring an extra step to get the cash.

People seeking compensation must verify their claim by providing the name of the credit monitoring service they had in place when they filed it and the service must remain in place for at least six months after filing.

This new step has to be completed by October 15, otherwise the claim for compensation will be denied.

Alternatively, you can amend your claim by signing up for the free credit monitoring service provided by Equifax, which means kissing that cash settlement goodbye.

In July, the Federal Trade Commission ordered Equifax to pay up to $700 million in compensation and penalties because of the hack.

Millions of people have already requested the cash payout.

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