Finding love in your golden years

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- On Valentine's Day, you might have plans to spend time with a special someone.

Jan Weeks is enjoying her golden years, but it's been lonely since her husband passed away five years ago.

"I was tired of not having someone to do things with," Weeks said.

Rather than look for love in all the wrong places, Jan went to look for a companion in a world you might not expect someone her age to

"My sister found her husband on e-Harmony," Weeks said. "And I thought 'well why not?'"

So she set up her online profile, outlining what she was looking for and not looking for. Navigating the cyber world for a real life date has its challenges at any age.

There were a couple who were pretty creepy," Weeks said. "If you got a beer balanced on your beer belly and a scruffy beard and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth I'm going 'how is that attractive?'"

Days went by where she got some flirts.

Then a message came, from a man nicknamed 'Stoney'.

Messages turned into phone calls, which turned into an in-person date at a local bagel shop.

"We had a lot of common experiences," Weeks recalled. "And when we got done I thought 'you know what he was a pretty nice guy'."

Six weeks in and they're having a fun time.

"I think this is my very first grown-up relationship," Weeks said.

As for the future? Weeks is taking an old-fashioned approach, living in the moment and seeing what happens.

"I wish I had been able to be this open with someone in my twenties," Weeks said. "Boy, would I have saved myself a lot of pain."

For advice to those who are looking for love, young or old, she has a simple piece of it.

"Be open and upfront," Weeks said. "That's the main thing."

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