Flag bearing Nazi emblem flying from Fruita home

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A Fruita family is under scrutiny by neighbors for flying a swastika flag outside of their home on Tuesday.

They live on North Mesa Street, just down the road from Shelledy Elementary School. They were flying a full-sized swastika flag outside their house.

The owner of the flag refused to go on camera but told our reporter that it was his American right to fly the flag and that he has no intention to take it down.

Several neighbors were appalled and say Fruita won’t tolerate it.

"I would question their sanity on that one. Sure we all have freedom of speech, but that transgresses that. I look at that and I say, that's a person that I have no desire to have any contact with whatsoever," said Anne Keller, Fruita resident.

Neighbors we spoke to say this is the first time they've seen the flag.

The swastika is used as the emblem of the German Nazi Party.