Frosty temps lead to frozen pipes

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Water providers in the valley want to protect you from floods and frozen pipes.

Our low temperatures mean crews have been busy mitigating cold pipes all over town.

“The worst is still to come and so we highly encourage our customers to prepare for the colder weather,” said Joseph Burtard, Ute Water Conservancy District.

Most of the Western Slope has seen single digit temperatures since the start of 2019, and your pipes aren't a fan.

"Ever since Monday we've received a significant number of phone calls for frozen water lines,” said Burtard.

So, they have some tips from opening cabinet doors to let the heat in, to leaving water running.

"Don't let it run full force, just let it drip, from a drip, to a small flow and as long as that's flowing it will keep your water from freezing,” said Dale Tooker, manager, Clifton Water District.

Make sure to keep your garage door closed, don’t forcefully heat frozen lines and maybe try some heat tape as well.

"The most significant call we are getting is mobile home parks, RV parks, and people leaving their garage doors open,” said Burtard.

When they do freeze, call the pros. They have a very unique method. Clifton Water District uses a hose connected to their cars exhaust pipe and runs it into the water valve.

“Time and warmth is definitely your friend here and it will slowly correct itself,” said Tooker.

Ute Water says they want customers to identify where the main water shutoff is so that in an emergency anyone can find it quickly. You can pick up a tag from their main lobby.

For more information call Ute Water Conservancy District at (970) 242-7491 or call Clifton Water District at (970) 434-7328.

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