Fruita Monument reaches midpoint of construction

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 10:27 PM MDT
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Thanks to 2017 bond money, construction is meeting its half way point at Fruita Monument High School.

“We’re ahead in some areas, behind in some areas, which always averages out. So we’re pretty much on schedule,” says Project Superintendent, Ron Johnson.

Officials say there used to be about 56 main entries. Now there's just a single main point of entry, making the building more secure and safe.

“By enclosing the courtyard and the commons area, it eliminated about 22 of those entries. So we cut our entry points in half. Folks will have to check in and then be buzzed in through a second set of doors,” says Principal Todd McClaskey.

Construction has also allocated a central spine to the main building, combining administrative offices into one single area, making it easier to navigate.

“People aren't having to wander around the building looking for the counseling office, fees office, administrative office, finance office; those will all be consolidated,” says McClaskey.

Internal improvements now make Fruita Monument the first in the school district to have fire sprinklers in every space throughout the campus.

“Last year on the project we had started the fire sprinkler system in the building and we finished it up all this year,” says Johnson.

If voters approve The 2019 bond measure this November, it would be used mainly to rebuild Grand Junction High School, but it would also finish safety improvements here at Fruita Monument.

“Some nice upgrades and a lot of safety features to which they really need,” says Johnson.

The 2017 Bond Measure earmarked $12 million just for Fruita Mounument. Construction started in May and is supposed to wrap up on January 1st.

The parking lot has been redesigned with 110 new parking spaces on the east side of campus, and an upgraded storm sewer will prevent the parking lot from flooding.

Pick up and drop off for parents on the north side of the building will also be a smoother process with the new entrance.

Staff also says that sidewalks have been redone to make them four to five feet in width. And new light posts make for more visibility within the parking lots at night.

To top it all off, the construction has redesigned multiple classrooms. In addition, staff says that enclosing the commons and courtyard area will expand the cafeteria size, providing a central corridor to the school.

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