Frustration over Governor Polis’ “Lifeline Pass” guidelines

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KKCO)- Covid-19 has made visiting elderly loved ones difficult…

Governor Polis announced a plan called “Lifeline Pass” in early June that would allow visitors back into nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The plan would allow visitors who test negative for coronavirus 48 hours prior to visit their loved one… but they are asked to self-isolate from the time they take the test to the time they get their results.

We talked to one local woman who voiced her frustrations on the issue.

"I think since the employees are able to go in every day, I know they get screened, but they're not getting a covid test done through their nose. They're getting a temperature test-- a symptom check upon arrival every day,” says Natalie Lineback, family member of assisted living facility resident.

Among her irritations are the varying standards between family and employees of the facilities.

Governor Polis still has not solidified a specific date for when the plan will go into effect.

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