GJ Chamber of Commerce to make trip to Denver for legislative session

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 4:14 PM MST
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The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce wants to make sure lawmakers are listening to Western Coloradans.

They’re taking about 50 businesspeople to the state capitol for a legislative session on Thursday. The chamber hopes to talk with lawmakers about the family medical leave bill and the public option for healthcare. They’re hoping to connect with folks at the Capitol and plant seeds for more legislation that benefits rural communities.

“We in the rural areas of the state have additional concerns, different concerns potentially, and being able to voice those and have that be part of the crafting of whatever comes down in terms of the rules and laws of this state is important to all the citizens of the community,” says CEO of the GJ Chamber of Commerce, Diane Schwenke.

The Chamber says business conditions are just different on the Western Slope and they want to make sure lawmakers are thinking of all of the state when making decisions.