GJFD Station #4 open and ready for use

(Photos: Grand Junction Fire Department)
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-- Firefighters will be operating from a new building beginning Monday. The new Grand Junction Fire Station #4 is ready for firefighters to move in.

The new station was relocated to 2884 B 1/2 Road from its former location on 27 Road, in order to improve service in the the southeast quadrant of the City and rural fire district.

Shawn Montgomery, public information officer for the Grand Junction Fire Department, said moving the station to the east provides a quicker response in Orchard Mesa, as well as the Pear Park area.

"The original fire station #4 was very close to downtown and it had great response time back into downtown, but when you got out to the eastern area its was a longer response time, so this station allows us to provide a little bit higher of service," said Fire Chief Ken Watson.

The new station is equipped with latest technology and is larger, providing for current and future needs of the fire department.

The old station will be become a new satellite location for the City's Public Works Department, enhancing waste water services to Orchard Mesa.

Fire Station 4 serves the City and Grand Junction Rural Fire Protection District, as well as supports Central Orchard Mesa Fire District, Land’s End Fire District and the Clifton Fire Protection District.

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