GOP hammer and sickle billboard gets new location in Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- Anne Landman has had a way over the years of tweaking the local Republican establishment.

"It's been a lot of love or a lot of hate," Landman said. "There's a section of this area that is democratic and it's time to acknowledge they are here."

When she paid for a billboard on Highway 6 and 50 that replaced the 'O' in 'GOP' with the Soviet Union hammer and sickle, it got a lot more than just attention at home.

The billboard story went national after the initial report on July 24. Stories were published in regional and national newspapers.

"Many people have contacted me saying where can we get this billboard and how can we do this," Landman said.

That graphic had been created by a political action committee called Mad Dog PAC, run by a former aide of President Bill Clinton. Landman saw the billboard was first place in Indiana and decided to get the free rights to it and put it up here.

Landman paid for it to be put up on a digital billboard where it cycled with other ads. When the billboard went national, others began pitching in.

"A lot of people sent me money. When I said 'it was $265 a week for the digital board' I started getting a lot of checks for $265," Landman said. "I got about $5,000 in donations through the whole thing so we do have some money to spend."

With more funds, she decided to give the message a more visible location, right on Broadway in Mesa County. The new spot on the railyard near the intersection of Broadway and Redlands Parkway is a fixed location that will cost $1,500 per month to display.

It will soon have company, as Mad Dog PAC is also buying a billboard on the other side that will show Donald Trump and his tie ribboning around the words 'Long Red Ties', which is another nod towards Russia.

When asked about the billboards and their growing fame, Mesa County Republican Chair Laureen Gutierrez said they had heard about it, but added it's not on their radar.

And don't think Landman is done tweaking those on the other side of the aisle.

"We're talking about flying a pilot with a banner over town," Landman said. "We will see if that works out."