Glacier Ice Arena still for sale; its future undetermined

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 10:40 PM MST
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It’s where many local athletes spend their time…where others come to play. But the future of the Glacier Ice Arena is on thin ice.

“Our figure skating club is getting stronger and I would just hate to see it get diminished again,” says mother, Jen Nichols.

Back in June, the owners of the ice arena put it up for sale, hoping someone would take interest and keep it as an ice rink. “I would hope that someone from our rink would step up,” says Figure Skating Coach, Sydney Ash.

But anyone looking to buy could turn it into a commercial building.

“There actually wouldn’t be anywhere else to skate in Grand Junction,” says skater Violet Nichols.

It’s the only rink in the area. It's home to several adult and youth teams for hockey and ice skating. Even CMU's club hockey team depends on it. Jen Nichols says the young skaters would have nowhere to go if the rink was turned into something else:

“They’d just be done. I mean unless people want to travel to Aspen or Vail,” says Nichols, “Grand Junction is the biggest place between Salt Lake City and Denver. So I’m not really sure anywhere else they would be able to open one up where it would be successful,”

Parents and staff say they are worried.

“I know there would be a lot of people who will look at different places to live because there would be no ice rink,” says Grand Valley Youth Hockey Director, Walter Fox.

The owners say that the recently passed Transportation Capacity Payment (TCP) fees will also have an impact on the selling of the property. Staff and organizers have been talking with city council, hoping they’ll buy it.

“Maybe the city could do half and then private investors could do the other half,” says Fox.

But they say they’re hoping the community will come out and show support.

“You know we’re here, we support it. So let’s keep it going for the kids,” says Fox.

According to the owners, there have been no inquiries made to keep it a rink. The owners say that if no offers come in at all, then they will have to continue to keep it open. But if commercial offers come in, they may have no choice but to give it up. It’s currently on the market for $2.4 million.

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