GoCode Colorado regional competitions this weekend

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- Entrepreneurs in cities across the state--including right here in Grand Junction -- putting their skills together in this year's regional Go Code Colorado competition.

Similar events like this one happening this weekend in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Durango, and Denver.

Teams form on Friday night and the rest of the weekend, teams are building, testing and validating their start-up business ideas.

This is the second year a regional competition has been hosted in Grand Junction.

Launch WestCO is a sponsor of the Grand Junction competition as well as the Business incubator.

The co-founder of Launch WestCO tells us how great this opportunity is for entrepreneurs on the Western Slope.

"It’s long been thought that Grand Junction and western Colorado really doesn't have a play in high-tech and this type of entrepreneurship. Tech really is not just an industry it’s a tool that services all industries and what we are seeing is it really does have a place here and it is growing here,” said Co-Founder of Launch WestCO, Josh Hudnall.

The each team will pitch their ideas Sunday evening at 6 p.m. at the Business Incubator, located at 2591 Legacy Way. The pitches are in front of a panel of judges and are open to the public.

“Events like GoCode here in Grand Junction are really important for us here in Grand Junction and on the western slope." Hudnall added. "We're the only state that does this, it's centered around making public data accessible to more and more people.and utilizing that data, to make business better, to help the economy prosper and grow."

The top two teams selected in each competition will move onto the final competition in Denver on May 26.

The top three teams in the state-wide competition will win $25,000 to support their start up idea.

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