Governor Polis reveals rural economic blueprint

Published: Nov. 23, 2019 at 5:14 PM MST
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Governor Polis was in Montrose at Mayfly Outdoors Saturday to unveil some new plans to benefit Western Coloradans.

The governor and his administration held over 155 meetings with rural communities in order to build the framework of this blueprint. His plans focused on making sure rural communities weren’t missed in economic development and infrastructure improvement efforts; that the focus isn’t only on the Front Range. Governor Polis recognized Western Colorado’s huge opportunities and growth in recreation and tourism, something business owner David Dragoo knows all about.

“No matter what corner of the state you live in, we want to make sure we all benefit from a growing economy,” the Governor says.

“I think the Governor has seen our success in Montrose, just in the outdoor rec industry a lot of what’s happened is, people spend their time here on the Western Slope. With this rural initiative, I think he tried to pinpoint good examples of good communities who have worked together on things that are in his initiative, like our community,” says David Dragoo, owner of Mayfly Outdoors.

The Rural Economic Blueprint also included plans to transition to renewable energy, to better education, and save Coloradans money on healthcare.

Governor Polis says that under this blueprint, a family of four in rural Colorado will be seeing a plummet in their health care costs – between three hundred and fifty dollars to eight hundred and sixty dollars monthly thanks to reinsurance.

After Mayfly outdoors, the governor also stopped at the Montrose County Event Center.