Grand Junction Community Center campaign heats up

Published: Feb. 9, 2019 at 8:07 PM MST
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Supporters of a Grand Junction community center hosted an open house and worked on canvassing Saturday.

The goal? To drum up support for their cause, and offer a glimpse inside local campaigning.

In order to build the center, where it's planned to go in at Matchett Park, taxpayers will face a .39 percent sales tax.

Shoppers will pay an additional 39 cents for every $100 they spend.

That money will go to construct warm water lap and leisure pools, seven multi-use fields, three gymnasiums, a bouldering wall and other sports courts.

Sue Springer, a campaign volunteer said, “I think for the vast majority of people in this community, we can afford to provide for our citizens. The tax for the city will serve the entire county.”

The sales tax supporting the center cannot be applied to gas, prescriptions, utilities or unprocessed groceries.

Voters will get the final word in April.