Grand Junction branding initiative

Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 10:34 PM MST
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If you went into City Hall on Wednesday, you might have seen these festive ornaments. But look a little closer and the ornaments have messages.

This is just one of many pop-ups you might see in the next couple of months. Visit Grand Junction wants to hear what you like about the city.

It’s part of their new branding initiative for the area. The brand will emphasize what makes Grand Junction unique and attractive, as a way to get more travelers to visit.

“It’s a great place, especially on the Western Slope,” says local resident, Spence Swartz, “I think they could do more things to promote it during the winter, especially at Christmas,”

If the brand is effective, a visitor’s imagined expectation will be the same experience that they actually had.

“I’d kind of like to keep it Colorado’s hidden gem, but letting everyone know that were here is really good too,” says local Zach Leyda.

Visit GJ hopes this branding process can increase tourism as a way to drive economic support for the city.

“The weather is really nice and there’s a lot to do,” says resident, Kaylie Martinez, “[They could] better advertise the monument or hiking experiences because there’s so many outdoor experiences up here that I feel like people just don’t take as much advantage of,”

Aside from these initial outreaches the branding process will officially begin in early 2020.

Visit GJ has hired the destination branding company ‘Destination Think!’ to help with this process. They are “globally recognized” as experts in this area, according to Visit GJ.

The feedback that Visit GJ receives will go along with additional data. Non-residents opinions about Grand Junction will also be considered in the data.

The feedback received from both of these initiatives will be shared with the community during the upcoming brand strategy sessions.

The next pop-up according to the Visit GJ website:

Keep an eye out around town for Tickets of Good Cheer! The City of Grand Junction will randomly select cars with expired parking meters to receive a “Ticket of Good Cheer.” The “fee” is to consider emailing Visit GJ what makes our home unique or exceptional.

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