Grand Junction City Council votes to keep North Avenue as is

Published: Nov. 1, 2017 at 10:48 PM MDT
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It's been a long and winding road but on Wednesday night it's official. North Avenue will stay North Avenue. Grand Junction's council unanimously voted to rescind their 'yes' vote from back in August.

That vote was met with immediate backlash from members in the community who said it would've cost business owners thousands of dollars to make the change.

Some people got up at the council meeting and said there are other ways to make North Avenue better, and changing the name wasn't going to fix it.

There were also others that recognized that a change in the name would've been good and attracted new business to the area.

The idea was pushed forward by CMU 20,000. This is an initiative which aimed to unite the community and university together, but it did the exact opposite.

North Avenue will stay as is, and that has left some happy and others are ready to move forward.

"We have to accept it, they had a large group, I didn't like the approaches you know but I'm against that kind of approach," said Levi Lucero, the man who worked on changing North Avenue to University Boulevard in the first place.

"With all the people that joined in together on this, it was dividing the city, but now that they rescinded it, it's brought us all back together now," said Jim Randolph, a member of the KeepNorth4Ever group.

The council was set to vote on if they will officially support the CMU 20,000 initiative moving forward.

That was tabled for another meeting, due to three council members being absent at that time.