Petitioners get legal approval to fight North Ave. name change

Published: Sep. 8, 2017 at 10:24 PM MDT
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The fight over the name change from North Avenue to University Boulevard continues on Friday.

A group of people got the final approval on their petitions. So now it will have some legal backing, and they're not the only ones trying to fight the change.

Bert Fraser owns Fruita Wood and BBQ supply in Grand Junction.

"We're trying to get some funds together," Fraser said.

He just recently started up a go fund me page to try and fight the name change. He wants to explore all legal options.

"If we have to put a restraining order against them to stop them from changing the name from University Boulevard," Fraser added.

At the same time, the group actively fighting the change hit a milestone on Friday.

"We are submitting our final proof of our legal city petition," said Mackenzie Dodge, one of the group organizers.

If their petition gets around 1,200 signatures then the council would enact the group's ordinance as it's written within 40 days, but if the council doesn't, they can decide to put it on the next regularly scheduled election which would be in April 2019.

If they get close to 2,500 signatures though then the council can enact the ordinance within 20 days, and if the council doesn't, then it would be taken to a special election. Which Dodge said her group doesn't want.

"I'm hoping the city council will look at the support we have and the signatures and do the right thing and listen to their citizens," she added.

As of right now, one member of city council is saying they will change their mind.

"We'll see as things develop if there is a change in taste if the opposition is sufficient they may reconsider," said Duncan Mcarthur, a city councilor who voted No on the resolution.

The Go Fund Me page is called stop the North Avenue name change, Fraser said he is trying to raise $5,000 to hire a lawyer.

The petition to stop the name change will start circulating this weekend.

Earlier this week, the Grand Junction area chamber of commerce donated $22,000 to the city to pay for the street signage.

Council Member Duncan Mcarthur said the city didn't end up accepting those funds. Saying it'd better serve the businesses who have to pay for this change.

The link to the GoFundMe page is on the right of your screen.