Happy Friday the 13. Are you superstitious?

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- Are you superstitious? Today is Friday the 13th for the only time this year.

We talked to some people on Main Street to see if they had any special Friday the 13th superstitions.

"So far it’s been a good day, but I naturally don't have good luck, so even if something were to happen today I don't think I would think anything of it," said Jennifer Henry. “I give my husband a hard time about stepping on a crack and breaking his mother’s back but I don’t mean anything by it.”

"I was thinking if you're superstitious and whatever you believe you're going to create, so if you think this is bad, then it's going to be bad for you and if you think it's going to be good then it's going to be good," said Grand Junction visitor Katy Cunningham.

“I don’t pick up a penny that’s on the tails side,” said Kevin Holmes. Cunningham agrees, “If I see a penny that is tail-side. I flip it up before I pick it up.”

"In relation to my country in South Africa, a man is not allowed to wear a hat inside the house, because that's bad luck," explained Nontombi Kubheka.

“If a black cat walks in front of you, that means bad luck, so you want to avoid that. You also don’t want to fly on Friday the 13th” said Josie Chance.

"I woke up morning on Friday the 13th, I told my friends something bad is going to happen to one of us its happened to me my jeep,” Conrad Harken explained a story where his Jeep got stuck in mud on Friday, May 13.

The Grand Junction Police Department said that nothing really different happens on Friday the 13th or full moon nights -- they have interesting calls all year long.

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