Hi Fives Robotics Team runs a 3D printing camp

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-- Grand Junction’s Hi Fives Robotics Team taught kids and adults how to build and operate their own 3D printers Saturday morning at the Business Incubator Center.

The robotics team is made up of several local high school students who organized this camp this weekend for people over the age of nine.

About 25 people participated in the event. Each participant paid 200 dollars for the 3D printing kits. These printers allow people to print in plastic materials that can be used for anything.

“There’s been an influx of 3D printers in Grand Junction,” said Will Ness, a robotic team member running the camp. “Within a couple of years, 3D printers will probably be a household item as well.”

The goal of the camp is to increase awareness of the technology because engineering is a growing career field along with science and math.

“It gets kids interested in all that whole aspect of how things work and how our world is even functioning because engineers design all these different things,” said Andrew Williams, 17, a member of the camp.

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