Highlights of Governor Polis' Press Conference Monday

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DENVER, Colo. (KKCO)- In a press conference this afternoon, Governor Polis outlined key highlights and updates on COVID-19 in Colorado.

Polis said that the stay at home order likely will prolong the scheduled date of April 11, though he did not specify an exact date it will get changed to. Earlier today, Virginia's Governor issued a similar order that will go through at least June 10. It's unknown if Polis' new order will include such a drastic date.

University of Colorado School of Medicine Dr. Marc Moss explained that the average hospital stay of COVID-19 patients is 20 days. Describing the severity of the virus, he outlined numbers from the University of Colorado hospital, where they are currently treating 72 patients. Of those, 37 are in ICU, and of those 37, 33 of those are on ventilators.

In the presser, Polis stated that Colorado has seen its first death from somebody under the age of 40, but his spokesperson quickly stated that the Governor misspoke, but that two people in their 40's have died in the state.

As of now, 2,627 cases have been confirmed in the state. 51 people have died, and 414 have been hospitalized. Over 15,000 Coloradans have been tested.

"I've never seen anything like this in my career," exclaimed Dr. Moss. "There are intensive care units filled with people who look like you and me. And they were healthy a week and a half ago."

Polis was adamant that social distancing strategies and the stay at home order will show dividends in terms of slowing the virus, but explained that results of the stay at home order will not prevail for at least another week.

Polis also says that he talked to President Trump Monday morning, and expressed gratitude for the work of the National Guard throughout the state.

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