HomewardBound takes extra precautions during COVID-19

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) HomewardBound is continuing to provide shelter and safety during COVID-19 by taking proactive measures to keep the shelter clean.

As Colorado is taking extra precautions to stay home, HomewardBound has seen a small increase in meals served this week. It has jumped from 180 to 230 people. They are expecting that number to stay the same but if it were to increase, they are working with community partners for additional space. The shelter continues to be fully staffed to make sure everyone is protected and has what they need.

"Every morning now, we're doing a deep clean with a sanitation gun. We're going around just making sure everything is clean as possible. We also take a nightly sweep as well. Anyone that might be experiencing sneezing or coughing, we do have masks available. We're also making sure that all of our guests are sleeping head to foot. There are still a lot of people who are in a vulnerable position. If they don't come here, they don't have anywhere else to go" says Development Director, Jesse Redmond

On-site volunteers are no longer allowed but the community can still help. The shelter is accepting donations of everyday essentials, including food and water as well as financial donations.

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