House passes bill to study impact of minor league baseball teams, including GJ Rockies

Published: Mar. 11, 2020 at 10:58 PM MDT
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The House of Representatives has now passed a bill that calls for the Government Accountability Office to study the impact that minor league baseball teams have on American life and culture.

This comes as a response to the M.L.B’s proposal to cut major league ties with 42 affiliated minor teams, including the GJ Rockies. If the cut goes through, it could pose two options: either the GJ Rockies join an independent league or they could dissolve all together.

The bill was introduced by congressional members with Save Minor League Baseball Task Force.

The Government Accountability Office will now have to take a look at the social and economic impact that the Rockies have on Grand Junction, along with other minor league team cities.

Congressman Scott Tipton has shown avid support of the bill and is a part of the Save Minor League Baseball Task Force. In part of a statement he says,

"A professional baseball team is an invaluable asset in a smaller community like Grand Junction. Each season, millions of dollars are brought into the community in the form of tickets, merchandise and charitable donations and are all much appreciated in a region of the state where achieving economic prosperity can be difficult... It's important for the MLB and the MiLB to continue searching for win-win scenarios as they move forward with the future of baseball. "