International bodybuilding competition comes to Palisade

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Dozens showed off their muscles at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association competition Saturday in Palisade.

It's a competition for people as young as six years old, to as old as can lift. It's an all-natural competition, which means that all the athletes are tested for doping.

They have to go through the same drug screening as Olympic athletes. For those running the competition, doping is a big issue.

"It is a huge problem, you got to think if something hardens muscle—what's your heart—it's going to harden your heart. You're going to end up with some conditions. It's not worth it. You look at some of the female athletes that use it they may never have a child because it prevents them. So, there are a lot of side effects we don't want to deal with," said Stewart Haynes, INBS.

They even had a donation jar for Palisade High School, where the competition was held. All the athletes have a chance to go on to a pro competition after this one.

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