Inversion traps smog, worsens air quality

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - We’ve been in an inversion for the past five or six days and this could pose problems for those with respiratory issues.

Air quality currently is acceptable but the inversion could affect those with asthma and other breathing conditions. Local public health says for folks who are sensitive, it’s best to avoid extra outside activity. The haziness you see outside can be attributed to car exhaust and the burning of fireplaces here in the Grand Valley but it’s the inversion that’s keeping the smog around.

“In the winter though, sometimes you’ll get it where it’s cold at the surface and then warmer aloft. What that warm air aloft actually does is kind of put a lid on all the cold air that’s down here. So that’s why we get the fog and the low clouds, it just can’t escape, so it just sets up,” says Meteorologist Tom Renwick.

Even if you’re not someone affected, Mesa County Public Health is asking for your help in improving air quality, by reducing car travel and using a clean-burning fire place.