John Hickenlooper being investigated over use of private planes while governor

Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 10:11 AM MST
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The Colorado Ethics Commission is releasing an investigation into John Hickenlooper's use of private planes while governor.

A Republican critic filed a complaint alleging Hickenlooper had improperly traveled on private flights during his administration.

Hickenlooper is a Democrat who is challenging Republican Senator Cory Gardner.

The commission's investigation comes to no conclusions about the ethics of the former governor's plane travel. It shows that he paid for some of the flights he took such as on a private plane to officiate at the Texas wedding of the brother of entrepreneur Elon Musk. Hickenlooper did not pay for a flight to Connecticut on a plane owned by the company of a billionaire supporters.

The commission says there will be a hearing during which both parties can have witnesses and present evidence. The commission will later decide whether Hickenlooper violated the state's ban on elected officials accepting gifts.

If the commission decides Colorado's ethics laws were violated, the commission is authorized to issue fines.

We reached out to Hickenlooper's office about the investigation.

Hickenlooper for Colorado Spokesperson Melissa Miller released the following statement: "The Denver Post editorial board has already called these complaints 'politically motivated lies,' and they were filed by a dark money Republican group. The fact-finding report released today is a routine and required step in the review process that we hope will proceed on a timely basis."

We will continue to follow this developing story and bring you the latest details.