LEAP to help families pay utilities

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 9:41 PM MDT
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There is a temporary order on utility disconnections being lifted because of COVID-19. Customers may need help paying their electric and gas bills in the coming months and you should know that you have options.

The low-income energy assistance program or LEAP is a program that helps to low-income customers with their payments.leap also works with Energy Outreach Colorado, a non profit, helps with energy costs. But you will have to meet some requirements. The household will have to meet 60% of the federal fiscal year. And everything can be done over the phone

"We have such a large number of people finding themselves in financial situations and they’ve never been there before. We really really want to make sure they’re aware of our program. The stigma of having to ask for help, we try to reduce those barriers as much as we can and not have people come in to talk to us,” says LEAP Manager, Theresa Kullen.

LEAP will accept applications through the end of July.

The hotline number is (866) 432-8435.