Las Colonias businesses look to bring growth

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 10:44 PM MST
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Several months into construction RockyMounts is on its way.

“The structure you see right now is going to be our main warehouse. In the front here we’re going to have our showroom and our community area. We also going to have a bar in there,” says owner and founder, Bobby Noyes.

It’s the first business to open at Las Colonias, paving the way for more businesses to come.

“The city really wants to diversify the economy and attract outdoor rec. So we’re one of the first steps to get there,” says Noyes.

As Las Colonias takes off, GJEP says they foresee that the downtown area growing alongside it.

“Downtown Main Street is a treasure that we have. Businesses want to be located down there, but we’ve never had a good way to celebrate the river. So this whole development of the Riverfront at Las Colonias gives us just that,” says Deputy Director at GJEP, Steve Jozefczyk.

Plans of developing the riverfront area even further are in process:

“We’re starting to work with developers to build out high density homes that are going to be down in the area that we’ve never had before, and it’s definitely filling a gap in the housing market that we haven’t seen before,” says Jozefczyk.

However GJEP says this high density housing plan has not been confirmed yet.

There also conversation of more commercial businesses for the riverfront as well. Commercial building growth within the city saw a consistent, steady rise in 2019 according to city stats.

“There’s an RFP process that’s out right now for contractors who are interested in building out the Plaza which is going to be our commercial, retail, restaurant area at the Las Colonias area. The pad sites are ready to go for this Plaza area, but first we need a contractor and a builder to come in and build out the site,” says Jozefczyk.

City developers and owners like Noyes say hope to see the same trend in 2020.

“This whole area between downtown and Las Colonias is going to be a really vibrant community,” says Noyes.

RockyMounts says they expect construction to wrap up in July.

Bonsai Design will be breaking ground very soon.

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