Local family makes viral, shocking video against the 'Tide Pod Challenge'

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) A picture is worth a thousand words, and one local family's YouTube video had a lot of people write words thinking they had actually taken part in the dangerous viral sensation.


But they didn't, and they're speaking out about why they did it.

"We wanted to grab an audience, so to do that we had to do something with a little shock," said Kari Oribello.

To do that, the video begins with the Oribello family appearing to eat real Tide laundry pods. As the video goes on they eat them, saying one of the little kids "didn't make it."

Then they reveal, "We didn't do that, we aren't stupid." Adding the pods they ate were made of edible ingredients like rice and icing.

"The video was meant to be watched from the beginning until the end and a lot of people didn't," Kari said.

But the shock factor did allow the video to be seen by more than 570,000 viewers as of Friday night.

"At first 1,000 was crazy," said Damon Oribello.

Added Kari, "Then at 250,000 we were like what is happening?"

They admit they were surprised most people didn't stay tuned until the end.

"I get as a society our attention span is very short," Kari said. "With something like that I would have given the whole thing a watch and I hope people would because at the end we talk about how dangerous it is."

"There's a conversation that should be had and that's there are some really horrible things in our households," Damon said.

Outside of wishing they made a few different edits and a few word changes, the family says they don't regret the video.

"The message we still stand behind chemical awareness and talking to your kids about it," Kari said. "The next challenge, hopefully it's something silly like Warheads."

You can watch the video right below this story.

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