Local urban farm redefining farm to table

Published: May. 5, 2017 at 10:28 PM MDT
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Local farms have to deal with Colorado's ever-changing weather.

Many farms, orchards and vineyards in the valley were caught off guard by the cold snap overnight earlier this week.

One urban farm, Rooted Gypsy Farms lost hundreds of plants.

"I jumped the gun and planted a little too soon, the frost came and nipped them all a little bit and we lost over half of our crop," said Shauna Rhyne, with Rooted Gypsy Farms.

Business at Rooted Gypsy Farms is still just a seedling after all. The farm is trying to make it easier to shop local

“October 3 was our first delivery, so it’s still a new thing in the valley,” said Shauna Rhyne. “It kind of makes us feel like we are connected to the community in a way that I feel good giving our product to a family.”

The farm uses an aquaponics system for lettuce, kale and other herbs.

“It’s all ran through the fish, they excrete ammonia, which turns into nitrate and nitrites, which the plants need to survive,” explained Rhyne.

Rooted Gypsy Farms is all about community-supported agriculture, meaning you know exactly where the food was grown and how it was delivered to your table.

The farm relies on a subscription-based system and their delivery service brings a cooler full of fresh food right to your doorstep.

“Each week you'll get a dozen eggs, freshly harvested lettuce, out of the green house each week,” said Rhyne. “The cooler stays at your house for the duration of your subscription. Then you leave the box out on your deliver day. Each delivery will be harvested the morning of delivery.”

The farm owners hope to make it easier to buy local.

To subscribe, call 970-628-6846 or go to their website for more information. We linked to their website on the right side of this screen.