MCSO recognizes heroic efforts

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO News)-- On Thursday the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office awarded a number of recipients for their work in some of the area’s most dangerous situations.
Back in March of 2019, a deadly house fire erupted on Hill Avenue that sent two people to the hospital and killed a toddler. Deputies Ryan Reasoner and Mitchell Meens received the Medal of Merit for rescuing an unconscious male as the flames got stronger.
“The rest of the time we were just trying to help evacuate the neighbors and get everyone to safety as best as we could,” says Dep. Ryan Reasoner.
“It’s definitely different in real life than in training; it’s a difficult situation,” says Dep. Mitchell Meens.
With one of the longest investigations Mesa County has seen, Investigator Peter Burg was recognized for his work on the Kyle Free murder case.
“Probably one of the most challenging cases given the time elapsed. The information that had to be cold and gone through and all the evidence that had to be processed and interviews that had to be done,” says Captain Don Hendricks in Support Services, who spoke on Burg’s behalf.
MCSO also honored citizens who acted quickly in times of need. Tom Feller, an off duty CareFlight Nurse helped perform CPR on a woman who’s car drove off HWY 50 back in October.
“You have patients that can have a sudden cardiac dysrhythmia where their heart beats erratically and that was the case in this woman,” says Feller.
Feller and others on the scene worked quickly, in turn saving the woman’s life. Casey Holman and Ken Miller were also recognized for their actions.
“I was glad to help. Many people in the same circumstance would do the same thing,” says Feller.
Sgt. Montez and Deputy Cannizzaro received a lifesaving award for their service in this incident.
The Medal of Valor is considered to be the highest honor for the awards. This year Sgt. Justin Bynum, Deputy Caleb Harper, Deputy Brandon Worley and Deputy Thomas Stuckenschneider were the recipients.

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