MLB proposal could cut GJ Rockies, along with other minor league teams

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 10:55 PM MST
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Baseball….it’s one of America’s greatest pastimes. But here in Grand Junction it might not stick around. M.L.B is proposing to cut major league ties with 42 affiliated minor teams. The GJ Rockies is one of the 42 mentioned.

If this plan goes through, the GJ Rockies would no longer be affiliated with the Colorado Rockies or any other major league team starting in 2021. And the loss of an affiliation could affect the team’s market value.

“I think that it’s a nice thing for the community to be able to do and have something like this to be able to go see during the summer,” says local fan, Megan Gant.

It could pose two options. Either the GJ Rockies could join an independent league or they could dissolve all together.

M.L.B. proposes that cutting the smaller minor league teams would allocate more money to the training of up-and-coming players on larger minor teams.

Being in Grand Junction since 2012, it’s a team many fans say they’ve come to love and hope to see it stay.

“We have something to be proud of and a team to be proud of, in our town,” says Gant.

All 30 major league clubs have already voted in favor of the plan in a preliminary hearing.

The proposal could also look to dissolve the entire 80-year-old Pioneer League, which the GJ Rockies currently belong to.

Major league teams and their affiliates have a Professional Baseball Agreement. The major league team generally provides and pays for the minor teams’ players and coaching staffs, while the minor leagues cover the rest of their own expenses.

This plan is still preliminary and it will be discussed over the winter meetings. Those meetings are scheduled for Dec. 8-12.

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