Major drug enforcement action in Montrose, 13 people indicted

MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO) - 13 people in Montrose County were indicted on Tuesday following a year-long drug trafficking investigation. Some are calling one of the largest ever in Western Colorado.

Law enforcement told us that this really began with the DEA’s recognition of Montrose’s methamphetamine problem two years ago. The DEA supplied technology, manpower, and funding, working alongside the Sheriff’s Office and Police Department. This coordinated effort led to the simultaneous arrest of all thirteen people in various parts of Montrose on Tuesday. This is a big win for law enforcement and part of a larger crime reduction strategy.

“High profile offenders—they’re not just committing drug crimes. They commit crimes that cause social harm across the community. When you arrest high profile offenders, you should see a reduction in crime overall in your community,” says Blaine Hall, Chief of Police for the City of Montrose.

We’re told that those indicted have ties to the cartel and are predicted to just be the tip of the iceberg. We’re likely to see more of these sorts of arrests but probably not to this scale.

Each defendant faces a minimum of ten years and up to life in federal prison if convicted. They're facing counts for the distribution of meth and heroin along with other charges.