Mesa County Public Health to receive more COVID-19 tests

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Mesa County Public Health will soon be able to increase COVID-19 testing

2,500 self-swabs are being delivered to the department. MCPH has only been able to do 20 tests a day but will soon test up to nearly 80 people a day. The department uses both state and private labs for testing. Normally the state lab is able to provide results within 24-48 hours while some have taken longer. New testing guidelines will enable more samples collected on a daily basis.

“We do have the 1,500 additional test kits we were using to expand not only to health care workers but to first responders. So we've had days this week where we've done up to 75 samples which is great. Our normal day has been about 25 a day by appointment” says Jeff Juhr, MCPH

Testing is being focused more on first responders and health care workers.

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