Missing plane found with no survivors

Published: Feb. 23, 2018 at 7:09 PM MST
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Authorities say four Canadians were killed in a single-engine plane crash in Utah, near the Colorado state line.

Civil Air Patrol found the crash site in Utah, located roughly halfway between Monticello, Utah and Dove Creek, Colorado.

"They left from Cut Bank, Montana on the 21st, headed towards Albuquerque, New Mexico," said son of the deceased pilot, Jon Kaupp.

The plane carrying four Canadians was last seen taking off in Grand Junction after being forced to land due to weather.

"About ten o'clock in the morning the next day, my brother texted me saying they were just taking off for Albuquerque from Grand Junction, and that's the last I've heard," Kaupp said.

The weather was reportedly still rough when they took off.

"I have a friend of mine, a colleague that said he had seen the plane take off yesterday, and um, and was surprised that they chose to take off in the weather conditions," said Manager of Colorado Flight Center, Michael Clegg.

But still, Bill Kaupp, his other son Clint and two of their friends headed for Albuquerque.

"A lot of pilots that would go toward Farmington, or the New Mexico direction would typically take off, after departing here would turn and go towards the Monument," said Clegg. "One witness that I talked to said he was expecting this pilot to turn that direction, but saw them turn a different direction."

"Today, my wife was supposed to be induced for the birth of our twins, so I was waiting for them to get home for that," said Kaupp.