Music venues face reopening uncertainty

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 9:43 PM MDT
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Much of Mesa County has reopened: restaurants are seating diners inside again, barbers are offering cuts... some industries don't feel like they're out of the woods just yet.

Local music venues facing a longer road ahead. Colorado had its last shows around mid-March when a 10-person capacity cap was implemented. Concerts and stadium events are the lowest priority to open. Grand Junction is an easy pit stop between Denver and Salt Lake City, drawing larger acts and a crowd to follow. The economic impacts of these closures could be far reaching in hospitality and tourism industries.

"These people won't be eating in our restaurants, they won't be filling up with gas, in some cases they've been staying in hotels; they will not be staying in those hotel rooms. 2020 is going to be a difficult year for many of us in the business community because of the loss of music venues," explains Diane Schwenke, CEO of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

Venues like Mesa Theater are having to get creative, selling T-shirts and stickers to stay afloat, reminding folks that they're still there.

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