Grand Valley welcomes new Community Hospital with open arms

Published: Mar. 17, 2016 at 3:40 PM MDT
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A new wave of health care is available in the Grand Valley after the new Community Hospital at 2351 G Road ushered in its first patient Thursday morning, marking its grand opening.

Terry Townley was the first about 40 patients to roll out of the old facility on 12th Street, into an ambulance, and the first patient to enter the new facility.

"Me and my family have a connection to our new hospital," he said. "Our community is growing, my family is growing…it's just great to be a part of this day."

There are over 600 doors in the new building and over 1 million feet of wiring for lights, telephones and emergency systems.

"We have two CT scans now, previously we only had one, and we're now offering interventional radiology," said Karen Martsolf, director of marketing and communications for Community Hospital. "[We have] both medical and radiation oncology, so a lot of brand new things going on at this hospital."

There's even a robo-doctor to help out, Tele-Medicine.

"We can tap into a specialist at the University of Utah healthcare, the physician will come and talk with patient, and allow him to diagnose what's going on with the patient," Martsolf said.

But it's not just about all the bells and whistles. Community Hospital CEO Chris Thomas said the 140,000 square foot hospital makes a statement about choice in the Grand Valley's health care options.

"We think this new hospital is going to lower cost of health care in this community and improve quality because now we have a solid foundation under us," he said.

The old building will on 12th will now house CMU's health studies programs, where today's students will become tomorrow's doctors.