New civic center proposal for Palisade

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 11:12 PM MST
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“I think its been a long time coming, there’s always the however,” says Palisade resident, Becky Davis.

The town of Palisade is proposing a new civic center/ town hall. In the draft budget that has not yet been approved by the board of trustees, the expected cost of the civic center design is $150,000 with 50% coming from tax revenue and the other 50% coming from a DOLA grant. The city says that they are focused on the design and planning phase for now.

“We are trying to work on grant funding to design a remodel so that the police and the administration can join the fire department in the fire department building so everyone will be in one building,” says Town Administrator, Janet Hawkinson.

“It’ll save costs for the town and then the town hall that exists on Third Street can have a different use or be sold,” says Hawkinson.

So far it’s been met with mixed reviews with some saying other city projects, such as infrastructure, should be higher on the list.

“Maybe some of those things might have first priority over that for now,” says Davis.

The city had turned the old library into what is now the fire department, which was designed to house the police department and city administration. They explain that where they currently function out of, simply isn’t big enough.

Hawkinson says the whole staff would be under one roof instead of two, ultimately saving tax dollars: “It helps with communication, it helps with public services it also helps save tax payer funding,”

The city says they are still in the early stages of the process: “This is just a grant that we applied for just to do design and planning. If we don’t get it then it doesn’t move forward. If we do get it then we’d have to apply for another grant to get construction,”says Hawkinson.

City staff says that they are working on a number of other projects alongside of the civic center. They’ve applied for almost $2 million in grant funding for highway and street projects, such as fixing Highway 6. They are also in the works to get on planning documents that would fix Elberta. Staff says they recently had an open house showing infrastructure plans. They say they have repairs to 1st St. and Elberta that are coming.

In addition they say they are looking to build sidewalks on South Highway 6 going from Iowa to Palisade High School, which is from a million dollar grant. They are also looking to build sidewalks from the Main Street bridge to Iowa, which is also from a million dollar grant.

City staff also says they were awarded the sewer grant study which saved the town $100,000 of tax payer money. They explain this is going towards saving the lagoons.

In regards to street work, they addressed some of the stop sign concerns at Kluge: “We have stop signs there. We can’t just place stop signs on the sidewalk- it’s not constructed for that. So we already have plans in place to construct bulb-outs,” says Hawkinson.

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