New regulation in place for marijuana edibles

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) On Halloween it is normal for parents to check their kids' candy, but in Colorado parents have another concern, whether their kid's candy contains drugs.

Door bells will be ringing Halloween night, again and again, but as kids go door-to-door collecting candy, some tricks may be masked as treats.

"You never know what could be in there,” said a concerned mom Sharlene Keisling.

“Marijuana-infused products are not candy, we don't want children to confuses it as candy,” said Megan Terlecky with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

A new regulation makes that a little easier.

As of October 1, all marijuana edibles’ packaging and products must have a diamond with the letters THC on it.

“It all looks the same honestly, you couldn't tell the difference and honestly kids couldn't tell the difference. Candy is candy and so marking it is super important,” said Keisling.

“Parents make sure that they're are going through the candy and seeing those labels so you don't pass it along to your kids,” said local mom Courtney Smith.

The sheriff's office said to check all treats before popping them in your mouth. Make sure it's wrapped and hasn't been tampered with.

“Make it a fun game with your kids, they can look through all the candy themselves before you eat,” said Terlecky.

Although the stamp regulation took affect October 1 there are still marijuana edibles on store shelves that aren't marked yet. That's because all pot shops must have the new labeled edibles on their shelves by December 1.

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