Odd encounters at Rimrock Walmart

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Some strange encounters have been happening at the Rimrock Walmart and people are voicing their concern in social media.

Reports of being approached late at night to attend a church or join a Bible study have frightened some people. Questions circulating online have wondered whether or not these encounters might be linked to sex trafficking, but Grand Junction Police disagrees. In a statement on Facebook, they responded, “There was nothing criminal associated to their behavior nor did we find any indications that would connect these activities with anything related to attempts at sex trafficking.” Some people aren’t quite satisfied.

"I would like to see it really investigated and like treated like it's an actual threat because things like this get slid under the table all the time," says a woman who was approached but wants to stay anonymous.

Authorities take this opportunity to remind us that if you see something suspicious, say something.