Olathe's Sweet, Sweet Corn harvest begins

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OLATHE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- It's that time of year when corn lovers on the Western Slope can get some Olathe Sweet, Sweet Corn. That’s Tuxedo Corn's signature brand of the yellow veggie.

"Our first day of harvest of Olathe sweet, sweet corn," said John Harold, of Tuxedo Corn.

Almost 20 acres of corn are waiting to get to your dinner table. From July to September, nearly 100 workers are in the corn fields every day.

The corn is hand-picked and taken back to the warehouse where it's iced to ensure freshness, and that sweet, sweetness everyone loves.

The climate on the Western Slope is part of the recipe.

"The days get hot, but the nights get cool," he said.

The best way to prepare it? Barbeque. At least, that's according to John Harold.

This corn is so popular, shoppers all over the U.S. want to get a taste of it. You can find it in grocery stores across the county.

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